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 Achmed Hamlin

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Will Hamlin

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PostSubject: Achmed Hamlin    Achmed Hamlin  Icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2014 1:57 pm

Name:Achmed Hamlin
Gender: male
Eyes: green
Hair: honey blonde
Height:4'11 inches
Body Type:lean 
Skin Color:tan
Parents:fontine Hamlin (killed), Taylor Hamlin(died)
Country of Origin:usa bristol tennessee
Pets:black pitt bull puppy named Blackie
Talents:singing archery guitar
Weapon**:bow and quiver of arrows
Flaws:shy to sing in public
Type Of Magician (ex: healer):Healer
Life Before Magician life*:His twin and him were born in Bristol Alabama. His twin brother lies to him alot which let Achmed to hate his twin. Ace was always getting  Achmed in trouble.When they were five Jeff was killed in a car accident. Achmed ended up  getting the  the sword from jeff.Then they were sent off to live with thier grandmother.Achmed was put up for adoption at age 7 which just fed to Ace's ego even more.Achmed eventually went back to his grandma's house only to see Ace crying because their grandma died from a heart attack.Achmed ran away from Denny's house after he found this out..He eventually found the camp about 2 months later.
RP Example*:Achmed was a little upset over what his siblings had said to him a few minutes ago. He needed to fight someone or at least something. Achmed was almost crying but he had stopped himself.He was only upset because he was bieng picked on by his siblings. Even though he was outside in the sun he wasn't sweating even though he had just ran to the arena armed with his dagger bow and quiver of arrows.

Any notes about your characters: he is bisexual
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Achmed Hamlin
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