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 God List/ Magician Elements

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God List/ Magician Elements  Empty
PostSubject: God List/ Magician Elements    God List/ Magician Elements  Icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2012 11:29 pm

Hathor- God of Music
Sekhmet- Destruction
Nut- Sky
Osiris- Underworld
Thoth- Wisdom
Ma'at- Calm
Bast- Cats
Amunet – female aspect of the primordial concept of air
Anuket- Goddess of the Nile River
Bat – represented the cosmos and the essence of the soul (Ba)
Bes – dwarf- associated with protection of the household, particularly childbirth, and entertainment
Hapy– God embodied by the Nile, and who represents life and fertility
Heget – Goddess of childbirth and fertility
Khonsu – an important God of healing
Menthu– an ancient god of war
Nephthys– Goddess of death, holder of the rattle
Ptah – God of craft
Selket– scorpion Goddess, protectress, Goddess of magic
Seshat – Goddess of writing, astronomy, astrology, architecture, and mathematics
Sobek – crocodile God of the Nile
Shu – embodiment of wind or air

Magician types:
Hieroglyphic Spells/Divine Words
Elemental Magic- fire, water, air
Storm Magic
Combat Magic
Death Magic
Charm Maker
Animal Charmer

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God List/ Magician Elements
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