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 Character Forms

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PostSubject: Character Forms    Character Forms  Icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2012 11:03 pm

!!!Notify Sienna if you decide to have your character die or leave.!!!

List of people allowed to approve forms:

Path of Gods Form
Magician Form

Rules & Requirements:

-Fill out everything correctly (limits for powers too). WHEN YOU FIX YOUR FORM, PLEASE REPLY WITH "EDITED" OR SUCH SO YOUR FORM WILL BE RECHECKED.
-Good grammar is a must. It's OK with occasional mistakes, but not stuff like 'I pwn you pewewpew' or 'srs bznz'.
-No Future Seeing Characters!
-No more exotic/illegal/mythological pets, which includes pets that needs licenses. (IE: Dragons, wolves, and panthers.) domestic dogs and cats, etc will still be allowed.
-All mind-related powers (including love, memory, and fear) can be resisted, but this does not mean you can resist it entirely all the time. Mind reading is not allowed.
-Do not say you got a gift from a god unless you ask an Admin.
-No Celebrity characters. This includes book characters, TV/movie characters, singers, and actors/actresses.
-If your character is reborn, Alter the form. They are not allowed to remember anything about their past life (they can only remember friends, like thinking they've seen them somewhere before; that's it).
-Characters must be between the age of 4 and 19. Mentors over 19 are allowed in the Nome, though it MUST be a character you've previously RP-ed with on this site and you still have the form for. Ask an admin to bring this character back. .
-All characters begin to get tired after using their powers.
-All powers must relate to your character's god.
-Admins and approvers have the right to say no to a power WITHOUT giving you an explanation. There is a reason for it.
-Admins and approvers would love it if people edited the original form, rather than keep reposting the edited form.
-Life Before Brooklyn House must not have any ties to canon characters.

-Forbidden God Paths: Isis, Ra,Anubis, Set(Must be purchased) Apophis
-Allowed Weapons: Amulets,Swords,Daggers, Staffs, Wands.

If your form is approved, then it will be moved to 'Approved Character Forms'.

Steps to Submitting a Form and Getting It Approved
1) Click the Home button
2) Click Character Forms
3) Click Sticky: Character Forms
4) Read the topic. Copy the form you wish to use
5) Go back to Character Forms
6) Create New Topic. Paste the form you have chosen.
7) Fill out the form
Make a name for the topic
9) Submit
10) Wait for a person with a colored name tells you what to fix
11) Fix what person with a colored name told you what to fix (if it's just a question they ask, then you may reply in a separate post)
12) Repeat 10 and 11 till Character is approved
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Character Forms
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